Thursday, April 30, 2009

All things thankful for: April

... my shower. seeing family and friends.
... rain. [It's my one true love.]
... more How I Met Your Mother. I'm catching up via Netflix so it takes a while.
... chicken pot pie and Grandma Baldwin's cake. All those shower gifts inspired me to start cooking again. [We'll see how long that lasts.]
... planting flowers in pots on our patio. I've been waiting SO long for that moment.
... buying a cute dress for $14.
... bringing our canoe home. Hopefully, the weather will warm up and I'll be able to use it.
... writing a research paper in one day. ONE DAY! [The only thing this proves is that I'm a slacker.]
... getting presents in the mail. Hello, knife set. Welcome Home.
... Dreaming of our hammock. One more month.
... Opening the windows while I clean.


Emily said...

LOVE How I Met Your Mother.

The Lab 5K looks like fun - but we're in NY that weekend :(. We love the Louisville Dog Park - Casco had training there last spring and we can't get enough.

Taryn said...

You could just canoe around the "lake." I think it is illegal- but who cares. You could at least play with it!