Monday, April 27, 2009

What makes our [apartment] a home

I'm stealing this from Taryn because I saw it on her blog and thought it was cute. I think it was originally for a giveaway but I'm just doing it for fun.

1. The dudes.

We've lived a lot of different places and I'm sure we're not done moving. But, as long as we have these guys with us wherever we are will always feel like home.

2. Books, books, books.

I love books. I love reading. There's just something that's homey about having books tucked away in places, just waiting to be re-read.

3. Our "money tree" & 4. My red bookshelf

This plant was the first living thing we purchased together and it's grown SO big. It survived a two day trip in the back of a Uhaul all the way from Virginia. I have to give credit for keeping this guy alive to C.

The bookshelf was free, handed down from my aunt like a lot of our furniture. I painted it when we got to Colorado because I wanted to bring some color into our apartment. It's bold, it's my favorite color, and it holds some of my favorite books and pictures.

5. Pictures.

I love pictures which is why they're pretty much everywhere in our apartment. I like to change them a few times a year when I get bored with the ones on display.

6. Our patio complete with flowers and herbs.

C and I love to sit outside. I love the flowers because they bring some color to the prairie of Colorado and we both love to cook with the fresh herbs. Note: this is a work in progress.

7. Our chair-and-a-half.

It's the coziest chair. I love to read in this chair.

8. Our Colorado posters.

I love that they're colorful. I love the Flatiron one especially because they're my favorite front range mountains.

9. Our fireplace.

It has made a huge difference this winter! I love to come home, turn it on, and pour myself a nice big glass of wine.

10. Just us.

Doing all the normal stuff. Watching movies, drinking coffee on Saturday mornings, cooking dinner together, wrestling with the dogs. That's the stuff that makes this place home.


mollyandmarshal said...

I love this post! And I did notice the stack of the Twilight series in there as well!!

Taryn said...

How cute! I think it was a great idea. I loved seeing your apartment and the important aspects. I love your bookshelves!