Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's the little things ...


... coming home to the Rockies.

... seeing family. Immediate, not so immediate, soon-to-be in-laws, everyone.
... seeing friends. It had been a long time and I missed you guys!
... brunch with one of my favorites.
... a long flight, which I slept through half of.
... Southwest. They let you check 100 lbs. of bags for free.
... My amazing mother who worked so hard to plan and prepare everything for me,
... My amazing father. Ditto.
... Bringing my wedding dress home after the debacle.
... Driving the back roads around MD in the rain. So pretty.
... Eating awesome food that my mom slaved over.
... Wonderful, thoughtful gifts. [and ones from my registry] ;)
... all the people who drove from NY to come to my shower. Thank you!
... The ridiculous greeting I got from my dogs after being away for a week. It's a good thing there were no witnesses.
... Downtown Frederick. So cute.
... MORE friends getting engaged. Congrats!!!
... knowing that the next time we go home we're getting married!
... a relaxing weekend ahead of writing thank you notes, finding room for a canoe, long walks with the dogs, grocery shopping, and watching How I Met Your Mother.
... gift certificates. Guilt free shopping.
... Getting an Easter basket from my mom. Yes I'm 25. I still love it. Who doesn't like chocolate bunnies?
... missing the snow in Denver.

P.S. Happy Earth Day. Plant a tree, or recycle a can, or take the bus or something.

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