Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ok I have officially begun to freak out about my trip home. And I swear it's about the dumbest stuff, like: what I'm wearing to my shower, actually having all of my family in one room together, getting together with my friends without my parents being mad that I'm not spending enough time at home, not missing my flight on Thursday, being the center of attention (I HATE being the center of attention. I am the opposite of an attention whore.), having enough time to write my term paper for school.

I wish C was coming with me. I feel so much calmer when he's around and he always seems to help me realize what's actually important. I knew we should have made this a couple's shower!

I'm off to run last minute errands, clean the apartment, and research my butt off. At least I have two long plane rides where I can, hopefully, get a lot of work done.

I am super excited to see family and friends and for the awesome weather back in Maryland. I also get to give my sister her 16th birthday present in person, yay!

On a side note: I was just thinking the other day that Colorado is really starting to feel like home to me. Maybe it's spring. Maybe we've just finally been here long enough for me to settle in. Whatever it is, I like it.


Emily said...

I hear ya on the center of attention thing. Hang in there and try to enjoy it - it's over before you know it!

Taryn said...

Enjoy your trip! I am sure it will be fine once everything gets started.

(I'm glad CO is starting to feel like home for you!)