Monday, April 13, 2009

April Confessions


when I look at this I want another puppy.

... i LOVE the rain.
... I was more excited about going to the bar before the baseball game than the actual game itself.
... I'm a little nervous about hiking Pikes Peak this summer. Ok, make that a lot nervous.
... the reason I have yet to buy shoes for our wedding is because I plan on wearing flip-flops and I don't feel like arguing with my mom about it.
... The other night I made dinner out of noodles and broccoli. No sauce, no spices, nothing. It was literally the only thing we had left. If you look in our refrigerator right now you'll find beer, coffee, and bread. And I went shopping on Sunday.
... I cannot wait to plant flowers outside. And get a hammock for our patio. And drink beer in the hammock while staring at my planted flowers.
... I'm actually kind of glad our T.V. broke. It's amazing how much time I don't waste now.
... I could listen to Kenny Chesney 24/7.
... My favorite thing to eat for breakfast are Boca "sausages" dipped in syrup.
... I cannot stand Walmart. Not exactly sure why.
... I'm actually kind of upset we didn't get tickets for the O.A.R. concert in June.


Emily said...

Every puppy picture makes me want another puppy. On a scale of 1 - 10, how much like sausage are the boca sausages? I'm scared to try Boca products but everyone seems to like them.

Taryn said...

I should be writing- but I am taking a little break- and I just have to say that I LOVE the rain and clouds too. And that I don't know why- but I am not a fan of Walmart either. And, although I have never had Boca sausages - I love sausage dipped in syrup! The in laws think I am crazy- but I love it. (I also like the Boca ground meat like stuff- you should try it.)