Sunday, April 19, 2009

The story of Love Part 5: Engaged

So, when we last left off [Part 4] C and I were "living in sin" and had lots of decisions to make about where we wanted our next year of living in sin to be. I mentioned that I applied to grad school in the Northeast as well as a few places in Colorado. Well I thought that Colorado was my best shot so we planned a trip in March to check out the area, look at places to live, and see if we really wanted to move here. I think our parents were all hoping that we would hate it. Actually, I know they were. When we got back to MD with pictures and stories from the west no one wanted to hear or see them. Anyway, we had a great trip in March exploring the area, checking out apartments, and doing all the touristy stuff that I am now too embarrassed to do.
Our first of 1,000 trips to Red Rocks. The trail not the amphitheater.

Now I'll spare you the details about getting into school. I could write a novel on that alone and it's neither interesting nor something I want to relive. Basically, the school lost every piece of paper they possibly could, mixed me up with other applicants, and went from telling me that I was accepted to they had no record of me ever applying. It was a nightmare. Seriously. But after a month of scathing emails, phone calls, etc. I finally found out that I got in. Of course after that process I didn't really want to go anymore, but C talked me into it [he didn't have to try too hard], saying that if I didn't go I'd always regret it. And, he was right.

Anyway, at the end of this entire process we planned one Saturday to drive back to UMD, where we went to school, have a picnic and hang out before heading over to my parents for dinner. While we were there, after some kick-ass PB and fluff sandwiches and a minor frisbee injury, C asked me to marry him. He was so nervous, it was pretty cute. :)
This is where the magic happened. PB & fluff sandwiches and frisbee accidents. :)

And then we began the process of planning a wedding [we originally wanted a destination wedding in the Virgin Islands. Ok, C wanted a destination wedding. I wanted to elope.] and planning a move to Colorado. It was one of the craziest times in our lives and it hasn't really calmed down at all in the past year but also one of the most exciting.

Goodbye east coast. Hello Rocky Mountains.

Today also happens to be our 1 year Engagaversary :) ... Say tuned for [Part 6] when we get married!

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