Friday, April 24, 2009

Shower fun!

Is it too late to do a recap of my weekend on Friday? Whatever. I had a busy week. So last weekend I flew back to MD to hang out with my family, getting some wedding things done, and I had my shower. My wonderful, awesome mother was in charge of the planning. [My 16 year old sister, the MOH, got off easy.] Anyway, my mom did a great job, as usual. Her food was divine. Seriously, I wish I had her cooking abilities. I still cook like I did when I was 10 ... in need of lots of directions.

So I flew in Thursday night [well really Friday morning at 2 am] and I was so glad my dad offered to pick me up. Taking a shuttle that late would have sucked! Friday, we were supposed to go pick my dress up. Huge, freaking, debacle. It was a long story. Essentially, they didn't have my dress, it wasn't finished, and we waited at the store for 6 hours just to walk out with the dress. I posted several nasty reviews of the bridal salon. :) Trust me, they were well deserved.

Saturday was my shower. It was so nice to see everyone and being the center of attention wasn't too bad. Well there was one part .... I think my face turned bright red, and really I can't think of when I've been more embarrassed. But aside from that it was great. :)

opening presents.

uh-oh ... look who got engaged. :)

Two of my lovely friends made us this scrapbook of us growing up as kids and then getting together. I was trying not to cry when I first opened it. This is C's family looking at it.

These are the two responsible for the scrapbook.

And then Monday we had a walkthrough with the caterer, met with the florist, and I got our marriage license. Did you know that you cannot bring a cell phone with a camera inside a courthouse? And, you have to pay in CASH for the marriage license. Yes, even if they tell you they will take a check it's all a lie. $75 cash ... seriously, these days no one even has $5 in cash.

Side note: I realized that the directions I typed up and sent out with our invites were wrong. If you're reading this and are coming to our wedding please ignore the directions I gave you. If you don't you'll end up lost and confused in the farmland of Maryland.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a very busy few days! Sorry to hear about the horrible time with your dress :( But I'm sure you were cheered by your shower and the thoughtful scrapbook!

Loved the dress you wore to your shower by the way...