Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hiking Breck.

This post could probably also be entitled "My dumb dog" but I think I have too many of those. The past week one of my friends from high school/college was visiting. Despite only having 1 car and having to walk to Sprouts 3 times a day for food, we had a great time. She cooked for us, cleaned for us, exercised the dogs, and took a million pictures. I turn my houseguests into slaves. What? They have to earn their keep.

Anyway, we went to Breckenridge on Monday to hike and have lunch. We did the McCullough Gulch hike, which was described as having "majestic waterfalls & unsurpassed beauty". I think who ever wrote that description might have been slightly high at the time. It was pretty and nice, but majestic? Not so much. I was expecting waterfalls that rival Hawaii after that. It was pretty much just water flowing over rock.

There were some pretty views.

Giantess and I.

But be careful that you don't wander off the trail. People don't mess around in the mountains.

Watch out for guns.

Of course I'm too cool to be scared of an angry man with a shotgun.

Rules do not apply to me.

The hike ended at a glacier fed lake. At this point Charlie wandered off in one direction & Alex, Henry, and I followed the trail. And then Henry realized that Charlie was on the opposite side of the lake and decided he had to follow him. So he jumped into the lake, which was freezing, and then slowly started to slow down ...

10 seconds from hypothermia.
If you look closely you can seen Henry (tiny black dot in the water) and Charlie, closer to the ice.

Sadly, my dog is not the smartest of the bunch. He realized that Charlie was close and that I was on the other side of the lake, and couldn't decided which way to go. By the way, this water is FREEZING, and spending too much time in it would most definitely lead to hypothermia. So I decided to run to the opposite side of the lake and get him out.

Saving Henry.
You can see Henry (who at this point had at least jumped out of the lake) and I'm the tiny green shape in the middle of all the shrubs.

Once I got him back to where we were he was shaking so badly I decided to put my jacket on him to help him warm up. Even after he had the jacket on it took him a while just to stop shaking. Silly dog.
Cold pupper.

He recovered, we hiked back down, and made it back to Breck for some lunch. And it only took us 3 hours to get home that night. I had completely forgotten about all of the traffic that we would hit.

Note: All of these pictures (except for the one she's in) were taken by the lovely, talented, soon-to-be UK resident, Alex. She threatened to use her fancy law degree to sue me for copyright infringement if I didn't credit her.


Emily said...

Lol, love the jacket. Looks like a fun time dog antics and all!

New England Girl said...

Your dog is nuts, but I completely love it! He looks handsome with your jacket on. Red definitely suits him. :) I love the photos. I am heading to the Breckenridge/Vail area [splitting time between the two] for New Year's Eve and I am so excited! Bring on the snow. :)

Taryn said...

I love the picture of the dog in the jacket- his face is priceless.

Katy said...

That sounds like something Toby would do. When we lived in Indiana he always tried to walk on the ice of the pond behind our house.

Abby said...

Soon to be UK resident!! ahh!