Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some weeks ...

are just rough. This is one of them for me. I knew this week was going to kick my ass from the start; I just didn't realize how much. Last night I got home from an insanely hard test (the kind where you can't even remember your own name afterwards) and then a hard class after (the kind where the professor calls on people at random through out the night. Oh, and I get called on a lot because my name is "cool" & was in a Bob Marley song.) Last night it went like this:

Professor: [insert my last name here] Can you pronounce this word? It's french. You're french.
Me: The only french word I can say is my name.
Professor: Ok, well then tell me why this friction coefficient has units of time.
Me: I have absolutely no idea.
Professor: Do you think that Manning knew when he made up this equation?
Me: Probably not. That doesn't make any sense.
Professor: You're right. He had no idea.


Then I get home ... ate dinner ... and changed into some comfortable clothes. A few hours later I realized I put my shirt on backwards. The only reason I realized this is because I was wearing an old lifeguarding shirt and when I looked down I saw a giant cross & thought, "that can't be right". Then I realized that the thing that had been poking me in my neck all night long was the tag for the shirt. Thats right, last night I lost the ability to successfully dress myself.

I am looking forward to spending a part of this weekend cuddled up with my animals. Oh, and reading the new Dan Brown book. If I don't read it soon Charlie's going to tell me what happened and that would just not be good for our relationship.



Julie said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at the backwards shirt. It sounds like the weekend can't come soon enough for you.

Emily said...

Sorry you're having a tough week! But the backwards shirt? - classic! Not that I've ever done anything like that. Except once a week or so.

Taryn said...

Oh boo- Sorry your week is going poorly. At least it is getting closer to being over?