Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, Jeep ...

Jeep replacement

Now I know what you're thinking, "that is not a Jeep", and you're right, it's not. WHY is it not a Jeep? Well, that's a good question. That's not a Jeep because Jeep sucks. That's not a Jeep because they make shitty cars that refused to ever be fixed. That's not a Jeep because our Jeep is a piece of crap that would rather spend its time in the mountains then with us. That's not a Jeep because even though labor prices are twice as high in the mountains they still can't fix a vehicle. That's not a Jeep because the gods are enjoying messing with us as much as possible. Take your pick.

So I mentioned before that Charlie's Jeep sort of got stuck in the mountains. And then that they couldn't fix it because the part was on backorder. Anyway, they finally were able to fix it, and on Friday we drove out to get it. We pick it up and on the way back I notice that the Jeep is spewing smoke like it's on fire. So I call Charlie. No answer. I call again. No answer. I honk. Nothing. Finally I cut him off and pull over on the side of the interstate. People must have thought I was some crazed lunatic. Honking, swerving, yelling and waving my phone. I was lucky there were no cops around. Anyway, we pull over and notice that not only is it smoking it's leaking fluid. A lot of it. Lovely. So we call the Jeep dealer and they're like "bring it back". Ok, I officially hate you.

We got back to the dealer and it was like pulling into a garage at the Indy 500. About 5 people come running up, pop the hood, start looking under the car ... all to say, yeah, it's definitely leaking fluid. Hmmm ... do you think the trail leading into the garage might have given that one away?

So now we're waiting and waiting and waiting for them to fix it. Finally, they figure out that they can't fix it because they have no idea where the leak is coming from. Awesome. So they gave us that fancy car as a loaner for a while. I finally feel like a Coloradan. I figure about 99.76% of the population drive Subarus.

Now the fancy loaner Forester is a stick shift, which my ever supportive, husband told me, "you can't drive this. You don't really know how to drive a manual. You do it wrong." What? I do it wrong? Do I get from point A to B without stalling, grinding gears, or causing traffic pile ups? Seriously, he should really know me better at this point. I am like a 3 year old. Tell me not to touch something; I'm going to touch it. Tell me I can't drive the car; you can bet I'm going to drive it. So of course I did. And of course I could. I mean, there's really only one way to drive a stick shift. Unless you're driving a race car or unless I'm missing something. I'm hoping that we can just keep this and leave the Jeep at the dealer. I doubt it. I can't imagine anyone wanting to keep that Jeep.


Taryn said...

Nice- so true about the Subarus. It looks like a pretty nice car to me- I'd keep it!

Hope they get your car all fixed up perfectly!

Emily said...

Oh I have a few very sad jeep stories under my belt. I loved my old jeep but it did not love me. They're tough after a certain age, aren't they?

B bought the new design of the Forester last year. I'm so glad they redesigned it, but I totally didn't want to be a Subaru family - especially with Boulder just up the road. But we do love the car.

Katy said...

You should tell him that if you "can't drive it" then you should be able to practice on it since it is a loaner. :-)

Lily said...

Wow, we were thinking of getting a Jeep, but perhaps not?

Subarus rock, for the most part. My last Subaru was at 240k miles last I saw it (before the Ex got it).

Sorry for your harrowing Jeep experience. Cars suck.

Jodie said...

I have a Jeep (Grand Cherokee Laredo) and so does the hubby (Wrangler). His has been in the shop a grand total of 7 weeks in the past 5 months, and 6 of those weeks were all at once!!! I absolutely hate dealing with the dealership and just found an off-road place that finally fixed the issue the dealership "fixed". Mine has been fine thus far, but my old Liberty crapped out, so AGREED, not sure I would get another Jeep. Good luck with the Suby!