Monday, April 2, 2012


things have been pretty busy around here between work, charlie being gone, buying a house, and soaking up every spare minute with avery.  charlie flew in from hawaii on wednesday and we were both working from home, trying to take care of avery, and also attempting to get a home loan that afternoon.  at one point i looked over our laptops at him and said 'i can't keep doing this'.  between avery getting sick, charlie being away, and trying to work i've been completely overwhelmed with the un-fun life stuff.  and while some things are good and exciting, like avery growing up and buying a house (i would argue this isn't fun or exciting), sometimes i just long for some slow, simple days where my house is clean, the laundry is done, and there's food in the fridge.  

my mom's visiting us now (hi mom) and it's been really nice to just sit back and enjoy each other's company.  it's also nice being around someone who's as much in love with my daughter as i am.  we've been walking, eating, and playing with avery which is my favorite way to fill my days.  

she brought with her some clothes from grandma and 'marcus' and avery tried them all on for us to make sure they fit.  they're going to be great for summer!

first, the dresses!  they're so cute and will be great for those hot summer days.


the eyes are still staying blue.



my favorite.  dress and picture.  i think this would make a perfect easter dress.

and some rompers.



now we just need the warm weather to come back so she can wear these before she outgrows them!  i'm off to enjoy family before i head back to work tomorrow.

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