Thursday, April 19, 2012

hangin' out.





there's nothing i love more than just hanging out with the people i love.
charlie was out of town the past few days but avery's been extra good to make up for losing a set of hands. wednesday was a great day.  i was working but i got a ton of work done and avery was happy and napped really well all day long.  i didn't work today and took advantage of my day off by sneaking in a nap with avery, a walk with the dogs, and some errand running.  i cannot believe she turns 4 months tomorrow!  i was packing away some of her clothes that are too small and they now seem so small compared to the ones she's wearing now.  they say babies double their birth weight by 4 months but i think she's probably a little over that right now.  we'll find out when we go to the doctor's next week.  charlie's home now and i'm looking forward to spending some time with both of my favorite people this weekend.    

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