Tuesday, April 10, 2012


... we went hiking on saturday at chautauqua.  we didn't make it far before the screaming from the baby forced us to turn around.  better luck next time i suppose.
avery's first hike.  it was short lived.

...  avery's first easter was a success.  she got dressed up, got some very sweet gifts from family and friends, and lasted an entire 1.5 hours in church.
ready for church.

...  we got a bumbo seat a few days ago.  i've resisted getting one for a while since i never really saw the point but i love it now that we have it.  it's a place that i can put avery and she can't get out of and she actually really likes it.  it's been really useful in the kitchen when i'm cooking or washing dishes.

...  sleep has been all over the place lately.  on friday avery napped for a total of 30 minutes the entire day.  i tried everything in the books, we rocked, we walked, we nursed, we went for a walk in the stroller, we went for a drive, i laid down with her and nothing.  and at night since she's finally over her cold and is now rolling over we stopped propping her up on an angle and she's had a hard time staying asleep.  the hours between 3 am and 5 am have not been easy these past few nights.
lazy saturday morning

...  avery rolled over from back to front a few days ago and i know she can roll from front to back too, although i have yet to see her do it i've only seen the evidence.  no more leaving her on the couch while i run to the kitchen.
  riding the dog in encouraged

...  it was so nice to have my mom here last week.  i wish she could have stayed longer and i know that avery enjoyed having the constant attention.  

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