Monday, April 30, 2012


well as of today, we're officially homeowners.  despite what i can only imagine was the most unorganized closing ever to happen, we read and signed all the documents, wrote a big, fat check and walked away with some keys and a lot of debt.  and i'm actually getting a little excited.  i still have no idea how or when the physical move will actually happen and i'm partially excited because we'll never have to deal with our real estate agent or lender again.  (side note, if you're looking for a loan avoid wells fargo.  they're the definition of terrible)

we're trying to get the radon mitigation system in and the floors replaced before moving but i'm hoping we can move in two weeks.  although that's probably pushing it for the floors. oh, and i'm hoping that we can paint two rooms next weekend while we're in the middle of packing and getting estimates for everything.    i still have zero pictures of the house but i'm hoping to get a few next weekend when we start the painting process.  it's probably a little optimistic considering the fact that we have a 4 month old baby, but i told charlie if he would do all the cutting in i'd do all the rolling.  and i'm hoping we can just do it in shifts since i'd rather not have her around while we're painting.  

Nice and awkward.
our first month in this place.  when alex was visiting!

i'm honestly a little sad to leave this place.  i thought it was just me, but even charlie's mentioned it a few times.  i think it's because this is the first place we've lived in that's really felt like a home not just an apartment that we were renting for a few years.  i think a part of that is that it's a nice place and we did more things to make it feel like home, like painting the wall and hanging curtains.  but i think the main reason is that we've been here for 3 years which is the longest either of us have lived somewhere before leaving for college.  it's crazy to me how many memories we'll have of this place:  cooking thanksgiving dinners, all the late nights i spent writing term papers, spending hours on the balcony in the summer listening to zac brown band, baking apple pie on the fourth of july, drinking tea and reading in bed, christmases with my family, cooking out with friends (before they moved), bringing avery home, our first night here drinking beers and eating pizza among the boxes, introducing avery to our herd of animals, all of the pot roasts, pork roasts, pumpkin cakes, chocolate chip cookies, bison lasagna that were made, having family come and visit, watching the dogs run around out front, my last snow day as a teacher, and everything else that's happened in this place.  it's been a good home.  a great home.  and although i'm so excited for a new home and new memories, i'm definitely going to miss it.  

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Emily Silver said...

Aww, great post! It certainly is bittersweet. Even though we were only in our one bedroom apartment for 1.5 years before we got the house, it's still the first home we lived in when we were married, and reminds me of the "simple times" with no mortgage, utilities, maintenance or the million other things you worry about in your home. Good luck in the next few weeks! Loveya :)