Tuesday, May 1, 2012

avery and ollie.

ollie tolerating the love.

getting annoyed.

and he's gone.

avery's newest obsession along with her feet and laughing like a hyena, is ollie.
she loves this cat.  like seriously loves him.  and apparently she didn't get the memo about not playing favorites because she's not subtle at all about the fact that he's her favorite animal.
i have to say, i'm a little offended on henry's behalf.  kidding.  but he's still my favorite.  

this cat gets more smiles than i do and i'd be annoyed if it wasn't so cute.  i really think she likes him the best right now because he's the loudest and most obnoxious of all the animals.  first thing in the morning the cat's purring ridiculously loud in everyone's face and not because he likes us but because he wants us to get up and feed him.  and once he realizes the purring is ineffective he resorts to meowing.  over and over and over.  charlie and i hate it but avery loves it.  as soon as she sees that cat in the morning she breaks out in a huge grin.  the louder he is the happier she is.  he doesn't exactly reciprocate the love.  although he'll plop down right on top of her it's not because he wants to snuggle it's because usually she's either right next to or on top of me.  but she could care less because the only thing better than a purring cat in her face is a cat on her lap where she can grab and rip out handfuls of his fur.  i guess it's easy to see why he's not all about her yet and continues to shoot her dirty looks until he's had enough and finally leaves.  

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