Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 months.

happy 5 months, baby girl!

5 months

well kid, this month was a crazy one.  we closed on our house and moved into our new home!  this meant we moved out of your first and only home that you've ever had.  we were really busy this month but you were a total trooper.  you had no problems with being in a new house and act like we've always lived here.  

5 month loves

you have been this month!  you laugh, you play, you love your dad and i and the dogs, and you love to go out and do things.  i love watching you grow and figure more and more things out each day.  it's so fun watching you explore the world.  you love to be sitting and standing and although you can't do either on your own yet you're working really hard at both of them.  you're still waking up once a night and to be honest, i like that you do.  12 hours without snuggling with you is just too long.    

5 month firsts

sit on the front porch
kick off your shoes
we don't need nowhere to go
we don't need a tune

singing, hold my loving arms
my loving arms are for you
i said, hold my loving arms
my loving arms are for you

love you, ave.  i'm looking forward to many new adventures with you this month.

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