Wednesday, May 30, 2012






avery is sitting!
really, really sitting, like for 15 minutes on her own.  i'm so excited for her to hit this milestone as i know how much she was wanting to be able to sit and play on her own.  
it seemed to happen on monday.  we've been practicing for a while now but she woke up on monday, i set her down sitting up, and for once she didn't topple over.  she does fall every once in a while although she has pretty good balance and usually falls when she's sick of sitting and is ready to do something else or when she grabs onto a bag of chips that charlie's eating and he yanks it away from her because he forgets that she's a baby.  right charlie? :)
she's been much happier playing on her own now and can entertain herself for much, much longer than she could before.  i'm really enjoying this tim when she can sit independently but isn't crawling and getting into things yet.  i think we'll have to move pretty quickly on baby proofing the house!

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