Monday, May 7, 2012

10 things.

01.  trying to work on a house with a baby while there's nothing in the house is virtually impossible.  
charlie and i spent all weekend either at the house or running to various home improvement stores.  there's nothing currently in the house but i was hoping to clean a few things, get the rooms ready to be painted, and charlie's mainly focused on the outside.  it is literally impossible to get much of anything done.  also i fed my daughter more times in the car this weekend than i did anywhere else.  and the only places she's napped are in her carseat or in the ergo carrier because we haven't been home for her to nap anywhere else.  on the plus side it rained a lot today and the grass is looking less brown than it was a few days ago.

02.  i caved and bought a jumparoo.  
avery wants to be sitting or standing at all times now which is sort of hard to do when i'm working all day.  i've been debating about getting one because before the baby i was all 'i refuse to live in a house of plastic toys'.  but i needed somewhere else for her to play during the day.  it took me about an hour to assemble but once it was put together i let her test it out.  although she's still a bit small for it (yes, that's a box she's 'standing' on) she liked it a lot.  i'm hoping this lasts.

03.  henry loves his backyard.
we've been bringing the dogs with us to the house and just as i suspected henry loves having a yard and dunkin could care less.  henry's spent hours out there by himself hunting for rabbits and birds and dunkin spends hours glued to our side.  typical.

04.  charlie is in telluride right now.
i'm beyond jealous.  he sent me this picture once he got there.  
telluride via charlie.  i'm jealous.

05.  we're planning a trip to hawaii next year.
a free trip.  after buying things like ladders and paint we don't exactly have a lot of money left over for tickets to hawaii but we're going to cash in charlie's credit card rewards which should get us two tickets to the island and 7 days at a martiott.  since we haven't had a real vacation since we came out to colorado on my spring break 4 years ago, and even then we spent half the time looking at apartments, we're both pretty excited about it.  we wanted to go before avery turns two and we'll be stuck buying her a plane ticket.

06.  we took henry to home depot on saturday.
he kept trying to eat the fertilizer in the gardening section.  

07.  avery loves playing in her crib.
she totally cracks me up because she loves to stand and scream.

08.  i finally started cloth diapering on a regular basis.
i'm sort of mad at myself that it took me this long because it is super easy and i love it.  i also love all the money we're going to save from not buying disposables.  basically, the money spent on cloth diapers is equal to the money we spent per month on disposables.  and we can use the cloth ones for years and for multiple kids.  crazy.

09.  the moby wrap saved me last week.
i used this all the time when avery was just a little thing but i'm loving it even more now when i'm working.  sometimes she just wants to be close to me and this makes her happy and lets me get things done.  she also loves to nap in here.

10.  this sweatshirt has been a lifesaver.
it's pretty much the only warm thing i have that fits her right now.  plus she looks adorable in it.  

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