Saturday, May 12, 2012

a few updates.

she may be growing but she still needs a box to stand on.

...  i'm pretty sure avery's been going through a growth spurt.  she's been eating every 2 to 2.5 hours during the day, sleeping really long stretches at night, and napping like a champ.  i could really get used to this nap schedule.  

...  it's raining! again.  which means maybe our grass won't die?  we'll see.  also, i have realized that i can no longer drive in the rain.  it was raining really hard on monday, which happens about twice a year, and i was going 40 on the highway just like everyone else from colorado.  driving in the snow? no problem.  driving in the rain?  completely incapable.  

...  we're moving in one week!  one week! we really should pack.

...  every day avery takes a nap in the moby wrap and it's one of my favorite times of day.  her other favorite nap spots are her crib (finally!) and the stroller.

Fact plant.
her favorite way to sleep.  face down.

...  my other favorite times are when she wakes up in the middle of the night, 2:30 because it's when i 'get off' work, 4 pm when we go for our walk, and from about 7:30 to 9:30 when she's sleeping and charlie and i get some alone time.

warm weather.

...  i'm really going to miss our current neighborhood.  i love my daily walks and the fact that there's some shade during the summer.  but there's plenty of paths and trails by our new house so we'll have to find a new daily walk.  

...  avery's gotten into a schedule during the day (especially work days when i'm home).  i never really tried too hard to force her into but she's sort of developed this on her own.  she wakes up around 7 am, eats and then plays until 9 when she takes a nap for about 45 minutes, she eats when she wakes up, plays for a bit and then takes another nap in the moby around 11:30, she usually wakes up around 12:30 and eats again.  then she's up for a bit until she eats around 2:30 and takes another short nap, she'll play until 4 when we go for a walk and nap for about half of it, she eats again at 5 and is then up until 7 when it's bathtime and bedtime.  she'll usually sleep until midnight when she wakes up again to eat and then goes back to sleep until 7.

... i'm feeling a bit better about the house situation right now.  after we closed we'd be over at the house and all i could think of was how it didn't feel nice or homey and how much i was going to miss our apartment.  we hired someone to paint our bedroom and avery's bedroom because i finally realized that there was no way we were going to get the painting done and pack up our house with a 4 months old.  anyway we went by the house today to drop off some stuff and the rooms look 100 times better than what they did.  it's amazing what a few cans of paint can do.  

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