Friday, May 18, 2012


i have this thought maybe like 5 times a day, that i am so in love with my life right now.

i love our little family.  i love watching this girl grow up and experience new things each day.  i love watching charlie with her.  i love how every day there's something new for her and therefore something new for me, too.  i love that she makes me forget about all the things i should be doing and enjoy the very moment that i'm in.  i love when, after playing by herself for a while, she looks up at me and gives me a huge grin.  i love our daily routine, so simple but so satisfying.  i love that right now i can fix just about anything that is wrong in her world.  i love our midnight snuggles and  i love that i wake up to her talking to herself instead of an alarm clock. 

sometimes life gets busy.  but we are so, so lucky because even when we're busy we're still blessed with more time together than most families are.  i love the days when charlie's working at home and my two coworkers are my husband and my daughter.  it's a pretty special thing and although i end up doing work at 8 pm at night, i wouldn't change a thing.  and because i have no illusions that this will last forever, i am so thankful for this phase in our lives.

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