Thursday, May 24, 2012

we survived the move.

a few days after the move and we are still living among boxes but we've survived and i think everyone's adjusted to the new place and we're slowly settling in.  
the dogs have definitely adjusted to having a backyard as have the cats.  and avery had no problem at all with sleeping in her new room.  

the first night we were in the place charlie kept waking up every few hours, worried that avery was crying.  we have a monitor in our room but he was convinced that somehow it wasn't working.  he kept getting up and checking on her, only to find her sound asleep.  finally at 4:30 he went and got her and brought her in with us.  
hangin' out in bed one morning.

we still have a bunch of boxes to unpack and some painting to do but it's slowly starting to feel like home, which is something i was worried about before we actually moved in.

okay i say this every day but she's so cute. the eyes! the lips!

alex has been visiting us this week!  
it's been so nice to see her, so nice to have some help with avery, and so nice to have family spend some time with the kiddo.  one thing i've noticed is that if alex is holding her and she wants me to hold her she'll reach her arms out towards me.  i know she's a fan of me but it's definitely nice to have some solid proof.


i think she's a pretty big fan of her 'cool' aunt, though.
it's been so helpful to have another set of hands around the house.  and so nice to spend some time with my sister. 

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