Sunday, May 13, 2012

some house progress.

i'm sure i'll be saying this more throughout the next few months but, it's amazing how much of a difference paint makes.  we've had our bedroom, the master retreat (which will be the office), avery's room and two bathrooms painted.  and those rooms feel a million times better.  

my bedroom would have to be my favorite.  we went with a light grey and then did one shade lighter in the master retreat.  and we also had any trim in the room painted white from cream/beige, which made a HUGE difference.

Master bedroom painted

gray horse

the lighting is a little weird in these pictures and they all were taken with a phone so they're not the best quality but this was the previous color, which personally i think was extremely ugly.

master bedroom before.

the master retreat was one shade lighter.

this room looks so much brighter in person than it did before.  and it's also pretty nice to have those shelves and mirror taken down.  

retreat before.

this is actually a more accurate picture of the color in the room before.
retreat before.

we had avery's room painted pink.  
i wanted something super, super, super light.  like so light you can't really tell it's pink but it didn't work out so well.  when i had the paint mixed i asked them to only put in half the color, which they did but it still looked really bright.  then i bought some white paint and asked the painter to cut the pink with 50% white.  it still is pretty pink.  but i'm not repainting anytime soon so she'll just have to live with a pink room.


and here's the front of the room which is probably a more accurate picture of the color.  
avery's very, very, very pink room

i'm planning on painting her current bookshelf a charcoal grey and getting some grey and while curtains this room which hopefully will tone down some of the pink.

and here's the upstairs bathroom.  we also had the half bath/laundry room painted the same color but i haven't take any picture of that yet.  

and here's what it was before.  

we used all zero voc paint.  we had the bedroom and the bathroom color matched to the olympic brand (at lowes) which i had heard really good things about.  avery's room and the trim paint was behr's which was actually a paint/primer combo from home depot.  i have yet to do any painting aside from slapping some on the wall to look at the color when we first got it but the painters mentioned that the olympic brand was a bit thicker and coated better than the behr brand.  they're both the same price so for future painting i think we'll go to lows.  they are both a bit more expensive than either lowe's or home depot brands but still competitive with the name brands.  

we still have a lot of painting left to do.  we're having the people who did these few rooms do our living room as well since it has really tall ceilings but we'll do the family room, kitchen, basement, third bedroom, and our bath ourselves.  eventually.  

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