Friday, April 27, 2012

life lately and an avery update.

things have definitely been busy lately.  except for the first time in months this week seemed to drag on and on instead of flying by like they usually do.  i blame this on work and the fact that avery is refusing to nap for any significant period of time.  

and i don't think things are going to get any busier:  we're closing on our house in 3 days.  avery just turned 4 months. charlie's traveling for the next two weeks.  we have to pack and move.  and we need to get a radon mitigation system, new floors, and painting done before we move. alex is coming to visit for 7 days.  i really, really hate wishing time away.  but i'm hoping that may goes as smoothly as possible and i'm looking forward to june 1 when we'll at least have everything in the new house and be completely out of the apartment.  i'm hoping we can move everything without me taking any time off of work but i have a feeling i might need to take a day or two, especially if it takes more than a day to transfer our internet from the apartment to the house.  

the day of her doctor's appointment.  you can see the band-aids if you look really hard.

avery had her 4 month checkup complete with a few vaccinations and we found out she's 12 pounds 10 ounces (lighter then we had guessed, but she feels like she's 50 pounds when she's in her carseat) and 24 inches long.  basically she's a pretty tiny girl, just under the 20th percentile.  now that she's 4 months she's old enough to start solids, but i'm planning on skipping the rice cereal and waiting until she's 6 months to start solids.  the plan is to start on veggies and fruit and i have a feeling sweet potatoes will be the first thing we try.  i'm hoping that i can make most of her food as i think it will save a ton of money and i can't imagine that it's terribly difficult to puree some fruits and veggies.  we might have to invest in a food processor though as i doubt the blender will be able to get them as smooth as they should be at first.    

we'll save the pineapple for when she's a little older.

she's been laughing a lot more lately at all sorts of stupid things like putting blankets on her head and charlie saying 'boo' but it's definitely unpredictable.  something that was hilarious one day is incredibly stupid the next.  she's a picky kid.  she's definitely putting anything and everything into her mouth.  the other night she was entertained by one of her hats for almost half an hour which is like a year in baby time.  she's still rolling back to front all the time but has yet to show much interest in rolling the other way.  one day maybe.  i'm still happy with the one direction roll as she can't get too far with all of that yet.
one of her new favorite tricks. slamming her leg down over and over again.  especially when you're changing her diaper. maybe she doesn't look like an exact replica of charlie in this picture? it's hard to tell.

they do look pretty similar here.  

and one of my favorites.

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