Monday, September 24, 2012

another hike!

yep, we hiked two weekends in a row.  pretty sure that hasn't happened since 2009.  who knows, maybe we'll get all crazy and do it again this weekend.  i seriously can't explain how nice it is to be able to do these things with a baby again.  especially because of everyone who said when i was pregnant 'oh, just you wait until the baby comes. everything will change'.  that was charlie's least favorite piece of advice from people.  obviously things have changed, but not in the way that we sit in our house all day because we're afraid to mess with avery's nap schedule.  i mean, maybe if my daughter had a nap schedule this might be more true, but regardless, we're getting out of the house.  

anyway we drove up to the indian peaks national forest to do this hike that charlie had done a few years ago with a friend.  i hadn't done it yet and it was definitely a pretty popular location.  we had to park at a different trailhead but it turned out to be just fine because it still linked up with the trail we were planning on hiking.  this time of year is my favorite for hiking because the temperature is perfect and the leaves are changing.  unfortunately there's also a lot of people out driving around and taking pictures of the aspens so things can get pretty crowded.  

i forgot the camera this trip so we had to use our phones.  charlie had avery in the backpack the way there and i had the dogs.  as a general rule i hate hiking when the dogs can't be off leash.  and they couldn't for this trail.  i'm normally not a rule follower but it was crowded enough that it was easier just to keep them with me.  luckily they've gotten much better about being on-leash in their old age.

this was right in front of long lake.  appropriately named.  we hiked along this lake for a bit until we got to isabelle lake, which was where we stopped.  the trail does continue to the glacier (isabelle glacier), which feeds the lake but to the lake and back was about 6 miles and we decided not to push our luck with avery.  

the lake was actually really low, which meant there was a pretty substaintial beach area.

Isabelle lake.
that's me with the dogs attempting to get henry to stay.

i took this picture.  and then henry took off.  you can sort of see it here, that he's not going to last too much longer.  he ran over to some sunbathers, jumped over them, shook sand all over them and their stuff and then ran back.

3 minutes before this picture was taken Henry ran down the beach and shook sand all over the sunbathers.
in this picture you can sort of seem them in the distance.  henry was now tied to a rock but you can see he's looking for more trouble.  

the best part was that this was avery's first time in the sand!  we're heading back to maryland in october and i've been telling charlie that we have to take avery to the beach so that she can see the atlantic ocean for the first time.  but it was pretty cool that she got to experience sand here.  she loved it and was content to sit there and pick handfuls up and let it run through her fingers.  we even took her socks off so she could walk around in it but all she wanted to do was sit and play with it.  she wasn't too happy when we finally made her stop playing so she could eat her lunch.  squash!


Playing in sand for the first time. She loved it!


we headed back to the car and stopped in nederland for lunch on the way back.  we've driven through the town a few times but never stopped.  it's definitely an interesting place.

Lunch in Nederland. Weird town.

during lunch one of the guys who worked at the restaurant came up to us and started talking about avery.  
dude: cute baby, what is she four months?
me: nope she's 9, just really tiny.
dude: wow no kidding. my baby was a premie too.  was she a premie?
me: nope, she was 2 weeks late.  we're just small people.   
dude: no kidding.  

sometimes i really don't know why people talk to me.  another woman there asked me if she eats food.  like literally, 'does she eat food?'.  no lady, we don't believe that humans should eat food.  that's probably why she's so tiny, we make her hunt for her own meals.  

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Emily Silver said...

Hah! literally laughing out loud from that story. people are stupid. and your baby is the perfect size!