Friday, September 14, 2012

lately, around the house ...

pizza on a friday night.  

wine on a friday (and monday) night.

spinach and cottage cheese pie.  avery was a fan.

Let's hold hands.
kitty torturing loving.

Ollie can't miss out on the opportunity to sleep.
naps are happening anywhere we can make them.

Digging for toys and finding nothing good.
still no crawling but lots of flopping on her stomach and getting really frustrated.

A serious case of bed head
a serious case of bed head. 

Avery's favorite book: "where is your nose?"
we've been reading lots of books ...

... and doing lot's of puzzles.


baby food making.

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Kat said...

A. I LOVE "From We To Three"
B. Your pictures are so fantastic! You have really learned your way around a camera!