Wednesday, September 26, 2012


this kid is on the mooove.  and this cat is pretty upset about it.  they went a few rounds around the kitchen island today because toby wasn't smart enough to figure out that she can actually follow him places now.  this is his back off move but she just charges after him saying "ca ca ca" and "t t t".  these animals have no idea what they're in for.  she cracks me up all the time.  tonight when i was feeding her dinner she kept making the fish face and i could not stop laughing, which of course just encouraged her even more and made dinner about twice as long because it's hard to put green beans in your mouth when you're laughing.  and her new favorite game in the bathtub is to throw all of her toys out of the tub and then peer over the edge to make sure they're still there.

9 months!

as much as i'm still getting used to having a mobile baby and there are times i turn my head and she's not there, i'm so happy for her that she's figured out how to get around.  it really seemed to be her 9 month 'birthday' that she really started to move and she's quite proud of herself and much less frustrated than she was before.  charlie keeps saying how proud of her he is.  it's sort of funny.  i have also quickly figured out that dresses do not work on a crawling baby.  


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