Friday, September 7, 2012

it's the little things ...

This kid wants to walk.

...  the way avery reads books now.  like really reads them.
...  watching the two people i love snuggling on the couch watching baseball.  this is otherwise known as the 30 seconds that avery sat still for once in her life.
...  a baby in cute baby pajamas.  
...  avery's messy hair in the morning.  
...  watching the kid walk/stomp her way around the house while gripping tightly to someone's hands.
...  a cold dog nose shoved in my face in the morning.  i love you too, henry.
...  taking a shower without avery in the bathroom.  
...  starbucks in the morning.  this happens so infrequently but is so good.
... that first day with fall-like temperatures in september.
...  september.  one of my favorite months.  
...  clean sheets and a really old but really soft quilt.
...  a baby who may crawl one day.  the jury's still out on this one.
...  a clean house on a friday night.  so we may not be exciting but we do have a clean house for the weekend.
...  watching avery try new foods.  
...  watching an entire movie without falling asleep.
...  visiting friends.
... a happy hour drink and a long walk through boulder.
...  having charlie as my co-worker.
...  a nap with the baby.
... going grocery shopping after those last few days of 'we really have no food in this house, not even an egg to boil'.
...  chocolate covered pretzels.
...  a freezer full of baby food.
...  tickets booked for our trip to md.
...  when all the diapers in our house are clean.
...  when charlie cooks breakfast.  

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