Monday, September 10, 2012

cloth diapering v.2

i figured i should do another post about cloth diapering since we started avery on solid foods and things have changed ever so slightly.  first i should say that i still love, love, love cloth diapering.  despite our late start and small stash i still think that for us this has been a great solution and i will definitely continue with our setup until it doesn't work for us for one reason on the other.


so a little bit of background.  we started avery on solids around 6 months.  before that she was exclusively breastfed, which meant that cloth diapering was super easy as i could just throw all the diapers in the wetbag and wash when it was full.  when we started solids, it took a few weeks for things to change but when they did i had no choice but to dunk the diapers in the toilet to wash off the poop before throwing them in the wetbag.  this was the time when i started looking at both liners and sprayers as an option to toilet dunking.  i had always thought that we would go the liner route and i did purchase some g diaper liners from babies r us.  but when i got them home i didn't even end up using them because i found them to be really rough (like a public restroom paper towel) and i couldn't imagine that would be comfortable for avery.  so i continued to dunk while i looked at diaper sprayers.  i looked all over amazon and other diaper websites looking for something that wasn't $60 because it just didn't seem like it would be worth the money.  and then i realized that i was actually fine with just dunking the diapers.  most of the time it's not that dirty and honestly i've dealt with much grosser things AND it's free.  i think cloth diapers are amazing, and the fact that there are so many options these days makes it even better.  they're cute, they work better than disposables, but they can be pretty expensive.  and i think if you're in it to save money you have to be pretty careful with the options that you choose.  so far i'm still really happy with our two dozen prefolds and they keep getting softer and more absorbent each time i wash them.  since avery's pretty small we're still on the middle rise for the flip covers and using small prefolds.  when she eventually moves up (probably soon) to the highest rise we may end up investing in some medium size ones.


i should also mention that we're still using a disposable at night and if we're going to be out of the house for a long period of time.  we had friends in town the other weekend and because we were running all over the place, hiking, etc. i just used disposables the entire weekend.  i'm not about to carry a bunch of cloth diapers up a mountain, as carrying a crying baby is heavy enough.  so, while i can't claim to be a hardcore cloth diaperer, i still love it.  especially the pink ones.    

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