Thursday, November 8, 2012


i got my computer back (yay!).  actually what happened is that charlie took it to the apple store and found out that it was just the battery, so he decided to save the computer which means that we're still a 2 computer household.  so in honor of that i finally went through the rest of the pictures from our trip back to maryland, which was almost a month ago at this point.  

one of the things i wanted to make sure that we did was to show avery the ocean.  she loved it. the ocean + the sand = one happy baby.  she ate a few handfuls but didn't seem to mind too much.




we also took her down to d.c. for her first carousel ride.  she liked it in her own serious way.



aside from the wedding (still have to go through those pictures) that about sums up our vacation last month.  it flew by and was so nice to spend the time with family and friends.  avery loved all the attention she got and it took her about a week to get used to the fact that she couldn't sit in someone's lap during each meal and actually had to play by herself sometimes.  

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Things I love about this post:

A. A is for Avery! (Obvi!)
B. Your cute chunky grey sweater
C. Your mom who is fantastically gorgeous and so happy with A.
D. The picture of your dad and the pup. There is something so sweet and funny about it :)