Friday, November 30, 2012

lately ...

i suppose it's the holiday season now, seeing that thanksgiving is over and christmas is like 3 weeks away.  i'm just not feeling it this year, which is weird because normally i'm all about it.  we haven't even put our tree up yet (we usually do it right after thanksgiving).  i do have some presents for avery, my parents, and my sister but i still need something for charlie.  and i still have to write all of our christmas cards and send those out.  charlie's parents are coming this weekend and we're planning on putting our tree up so hopefully that'll help me get more into the christmas mood.  charlie also got seriously upset with me because i didn't want to put lights on the outside of our house.  he even called me the grinch.  not cool, charlie.  not cool.

A Christmas tree for A.

i have decorated a little bit.  i decorated the 'mantle' aka the shelf above our tv and i put a mini tree up in avery's room.  this is so not my usual style but i figured avery's room could use a little holiday cheer.  she likes to point at it and say "ba".  apparently that means tree.  



Feeding the dog after putting a headband on him. I see lots of future dress-up torture in his future.

in other news avery and henry have been playing a lot together lately.  the other day she put a headband on him & then fed him her snack.  such a generous girl that one.  it's no wonder that he loves her too. 

Oh my goodness, a smile.

avery got this sweet hat from a coworker of mine last year.  it was obviously way to big to use last year but fits her well this year.  she hates most things on her head and keeping hats on his pretty much a constant battle.  it's a good thing that we're not getting a winter this year because she can't keep anything on her head for longer than 10 seconds.  

and just in case you thought she was always a happy kid, i assure you she is not.


i can't look at this picture without laughing.  she's definitely gotten into the stage where she's throwing tantrums (not real, huge ones i think we have a few months before those hit) but she definitely lets us know when she's upset about something.  she pretty much hates having her diaper changed, getting dressed, having anything taken away from her, anyone using my phone but her, having her face wiped after meals, and being handed off to charlie when she's tired.  we're still working hard on the word 'no'. there are times when i think she totally gets it, although whether she chooses to listen is another story, and there are other times when i think she has no idea.  on the up side, she's getting so much more fun.  we can play games (hide and go seek is a favorite) and she understands so much more than she used to.  i still think she's a ways away from walking but whenever she's ready is fine with me.  i'm still happy to have my crawling baby around for a bit longer.

Where's mommy?

i asked her where mommy was.  and boom.  she nailed it. 

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