Sunday, November 18, 2012



last week we were sick.  all of us.  it wasn't terribly fun.  avery had a virus that resulted in a 104 fever for 4 straight days and charlie and i had the stomach flu.  trying to breastfeed a child who's refusing to eat any solid foods while being unable to eat or drink anything isn't exactly fun or easy.  luckily, by friday we were feeling slightly better and by sunday we were almost back to normal (except for charlie).  i didn't get much work done last week, and avery took every single nap in my arms, and slept in our bed each night.  i was worried that her fever was going to keep climbing and having her with me was really the only way i could keep track of how warm she was.  needless to say, on friday night when she woke up and i tried to put her back in her crib she was all 'what? are you kidding me?  i sleep with you now.'  so none of us slept much that night.  i have a feeling it's going to take a while to get her back into the 'nap and sleep in my crib' routine.  

ironically, the week before went exceptionally well.  it was one of those weeks where i felt like i had a great balance between work and home life, i worked until my set hours, walked with avery and the dogs every afternoon, and managed to figure out how to get dinner on the table (this is the ultimate challenge for me).  i was also planning christmas gifts and decorations and thanksgiving menu items. then we all got sick and all thoughts of anything but 'don't throw up on the baby' and 'what's avery's temperature?' went out the window.  it's sort of nice to be back to normal-ish now.

and now, we have thanksgiving next week, which i am not ready for, and two birthdays and christmas in the four weeks after.  it's going to be a busy next month for us.  charlie turns 30, avery turns 1, charlie's parents are visiting, and we're trying to take a weekend trip to the mountains (charlie's birthday present).  luckily all fun stuff.  i just hope that i can manage to get my christmas shopping done and gifts shipped out so we can enjoy the fun stuff.      

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