Saturday, November 24, 2012


we've had a lot going on over here recently, with all of us being sick, big decisions being made about 2013, and of course the start of the holidays.  i had big plans to be way ahead with shopping and present making this year and then we all got sick and all thoughts of christmas presents just left my head.  avery ended up getting the stomach flu that charlie and i had just as she was getting over the first virus that she had, which made for two straight weeks of a sick baby.  thank goodness for breastfeeding because she didn't eat solids for over 10 days, like not a single bite of food.  and despite the breastfeeding she's definitely lost weight from everything, so we're trying to chunk her back up.  

anyway, we had plans to spend thanksgiving with some friends but when avery got the stomach bug that we had, we decided not to show up with a sick baby.  one of our hosts is very pregnant and i would have felt terrible if we got her sick, not to mention i'd have been pretty pissed when i was that pregnant if someone had brought their vomity kid over to my house.  so we did some last minute turkey dinner shopping on wednesday night.  surprisingly the stores weren't as crowded as i was expecting.  i guess most people don't wait to do their shopping like we did.  we had a really nice relaxing day as a family.  we watched the macy's day parade in the morning.  this has always been one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving.  and then traded cooking and baby playing throughout the day.

Every year I forget how I cooked it the year before.
is it weird that i don't really like turkey, yet i cook one every year?

charlie and avery took a nap on the couch while watching football.  i wish i could say that this was an unusual occurence but since she got sick she's gotten used to sleeping in someone's arms and naps in her crib have been few and far between.  

Requisite thanksgiving nap.

we took a quick trip to the playground for some swinging time in the afternoon.  avery did not want to leave and threw a huge tantrum when i tried to get her out of the swing.  charlie thought this was pretty funny but i have a feeling it will be less funny as these start happening more often.  


Afternoon trip to the swings.

avery had her first rice ball, which i think she really liked.  she also liked the turkey and the green bean casserole and then spit out the sweet potatoes that i thought for sure she'd love since she's had those a million times before.

Slightly overlooked turkey.

the turkey which i successfully transferred from the pan to the platter by myself.  a thanksgiving miracle.

it's always nice to have a relaxing day with family, especially because i know the next month is going to be full of craziness.  we're hoping to get some more painting done this weekend, some christmas presents wrapped, and the christmas tree up and decorated.  i almost don't want to do that this year because it'll just be one more thing to attempt to keep avery away from.  does that make me grinch-like?    

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