Monday, November 5, 2012

lately ...

01.  in the 5 days after we got back from maryland everything started falling apart in our house.  in 5 days we had a broken sink, a leaking roof, a cat with a huge abscess, and my computer crashed.  luckily we were able to fix the sink and the cat ourselves and the roof repair was very small and free of charge.  however the computer is dead and i haven't figured out what we're going to do about it.  we have two computers (well one working one now) and i'm not really interested in getting another one and making us a two computer house again.  however, we can't figure out a solution that we're both okay with that can also store all of our stuff.  currently all of my stuff (grad school work, resumes, music, and photos) is sitting on a hard drive.  but we can't fit everything on our current computer's hard drive.  so we've debated about trading in the current laptop for a desktop or just getting a network drive to store anything.  all that to say that i still have pictures from our trip that i was planning on doing things with but i no longer have a computer with PSE on it or easy access to my files.  until then i'll be relying on my iphone for pictures.  

02.  we celebrated halloween.  barely.  by handing out candy to a few trick-or-treaters and dressing avery up in a last minute costume.  she wasn't into it at all and the only thing that kept her from screaming was the fact that henry was right next to her and she was entertained by his leash.  he was dressed in his squirrel costume from 2 years ago and helped us answer the door.  he did much better in his costume than avery did.



03.  avery was beyond excited to see the cats when we got back and has been chasing them around ever since.  they're definitely losing patience with her and she's ended up with a few battle wounds from when she gets too excited.  
Avery the lion tamer.

04.  i feel like fall is officially over, almost all of the leaves are gone from the trees thanks to the recent snow that we've had.  charlie's very happy that he doesn't have to mow the lawn anymore until spring.  avery's really like the crunchy leaves because not only are they fun to play with but they taste good too.

Crunchy leaves make the best toys.

05.  i am so excited that the election is almost over.  if i have to see another political ad i'm going to scream.  next election, i'm moving to a non-swing state for the 4 months prior to the election.  

06.  i can't believe that avery's almost a year old.  she's been really fun and challanging lately.  she's saying more words, developing a personality, and into everything.  she's crawling all over the place and  pulling herself up on everything, which means that there's nothing off limits to her.  she also has the ability to find the smallest things and eat them faster than i can figure out what she just put in her mouth.   we've started to work on 'no' but unfortunately she just laughs at me every time i say it.  apparently the concept that there's something she can't do is a complete joke to her.  i have a feeling we're going to have our hands full in the next few months.  

Scrunch face.

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