Sunday, December 29, 2013

ellie: one month

happy one month, ellie!  
...  you had your first thanksgiving and christmas.  
...  you met your grandma niki, and your grandma and grandpa L, and your aunt alex. 
... you passed your hearing test.  yay!
...  you smile a lot more now and spend a decent amount of time awake and actually making eye contact with us.
... you love your big sister.
... you helped us celebrate avery's birthday and daddy's birthday.
...  i'm guessing you weigh around 10 pounds.  you're wearing size one diapers and 0-3 month clothes.
...  you not on a schedule and i have no idea how often you sleep or eat.  i feed you when you're hungry and you nap when you're tired.  i'm guessing you eat every 3 hours on average although you cluster feed in the evenings.  
...  you sleep in the rock 'n play and our bed.  
...  you saw the zoo lights and are usually pretty happy in the moby when you're out.  

i have loved the squishy newborn stage that you're in. i love snuggling with you whenever your big sister is sleeping.  and i love watching you and your sister hang out together.      

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