Tuesday, December 24, 2013

happy christmas eve.

right now we have turkey soup simmering on the stove for dinner, a second pot of coffee was just brewed, christmas music is playing constantly, my sister is in town and has been playing with avery since the second she ran down the stairs to wake her up this morning, and we have plans to take the kids to the playground and watch elf later today.  and we promised avery we'd drive around again tonight to look at christmas lights.

after avery's in bed tonight we'll be wrapping a few presents and assembling her big gift and then tomorrow we get to spend the morning watching her open presents.  our christmas (new years) cards have been sent, our presents have been bought, and all we have left to do is enjoy these few days together.  i have loved the christmas season this year.  it's been slow and sweet and amazing to watch through avery's eyes.  i've loved that her excitement has been over the christmas lights and buddy the elf's mysterious appearances and drawing snowmen and santas and getting christmas cards in the mail.  she doesn't really get the present thing yet, which has made this christmas about the season itself and not a list of things that she wants to play with.  

merry christmas eve.  and we miss you mom & dad. 

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