Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 in review.

in january

... we recovered from the holidays and took lots of trips to barnes and noble to play with legos and trains.

in february

... we celebrated valentines day.

in march

... we found out that we were going to be a family of 4!
...  we had a million snow storms.
... we took avery to the butterfly pavilion and aquarium and bought season passes to the aquarium.  still one of the best purchases of the year!
... we built a firepit in our backyard and then watched the snow pile on top.

in april

... i attempted to survive being pregnant in the first trimester
... we celebrated easter with church and ham.  and i will now never eat baked ham again.
...  we started to do a few more house projects.  we replaced the window in our family room and the backsplash in our kitchen and we painted the soon-to-be nursery.
...  we had a million more snow storms and i began to research moving places like texas and florida.

in may

... it snowed for the last time and the weather slowly started to warm up. 
...  i began to recover from being pregnant and slowly started feeling better.  we took avery to the pool on memorial day weekend and did a lot of work in the yard.

in june 

... we went back to maryland for two weeks!  we visited friends and family, took avery to the beach, and celebrated at a wonderful wedding.
...  we did every summer activity imaginable and enjoyed warm weather, flip flops, popsicles, front porch sitting, the pool, and open windows.  

in july

... we celebrated the fourth on a boat with avery and dunkin
...  we had grandma and alex out for a visit.
...  we made fires in our fire pit, ate ice cream, took the dogs to the reservoir, ate lunch outside, and discovered lamar's donuts, and bought a new car.
... avery started walking!!!

in august

... i told my boss about my decision to be a stay at home mom after baby number two.
... we took avery to heritage square and the county fair.
...  my dad came out for a long weekend.

in september

...  we celebrated my 30th birthday!
... we took our first real family vacation in southern california.  and then we came back to the floods in colorado.  
...  we enjoyed the last of some warm weather.  we took avery to climb on red rocks in boulder and squeezed in a few more evenings with the firepit. 

in october

... we went pumpkin picking 
...  we continued our annual tradition of pumpkin carving and cooking rice balls
...  we also took avery to a halloween party and then celebrated on halloween by dressing up and handing out candy

in november

... i had my last day of work, we finished the last of the preparations before ellie's arrival, and planning a lot of versions and inductions. 
... we counted all of the things we're thankful for right now.
...  my mom came out to visit and take care of avery during ellie's birth.
...  ellie alex was born on the 25th!
...  we celebrated thanksgiving.

in december

... we enjoyed all of our time as a family four.
...  we decorated for christmas and really enjoyed the season.
...  we celebrated charlie's birthday and avery's birthday.
... alex came out to visit and we had a relaxing christmas eve and christmas.  and then we took down our decorations and got ready for 2014!

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