Saturday, July 6, 2013






i can finally call avery a full-time walker.
she was a little late to hit this milestone but i think because of that, it's been one of the sweetest things to watch and one of the most rewarding milestones we've seen her achieve.  she started taking steps at 16 months but was pretty determined to do things at her own pace.  this week she made that transition from walking a lot but still crawling to walking everywhere.  she's still a little wobbly but i can't explain how amazing it's been to see her take off like this.  both charlie and i could just watch her walk around the house all day long and can't stop talking about how happy we are for her.  a bonus of walking all the time is that her face is the perfect height for doggie kisses. congrats avery girl, but take your time with the running.      

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