Monday, July 15, 2013

nursery #2

Nursery #2

i think one of my favorite parts about having a second baby is actually getting to do something what our third bedroom.  currently there's a ladder, a tv stand, and a closet full of things that we shoved in there when we first moved into the house and it drives me crazy every time i walk up the stairs.  henry does like to sleep in the room so i wouldn't say it's completely wasted space.  just like avery's room we're planning on doing this one on a budget and shopping around the house for things that we already have and can use.  the two things that we'll have to buy are a dresser and a crib, but everything else will be from the rest of the house.

the walls are a really light cream and we're not finding out the gender of this baby, either, so i want lots of color but nothing that screams 'boy' or 'girl'.  i also already have some aqua items that we'll be using, and i love the idea of mixing those with some yellow and orange.  i'm hoping that i can find some orange accents that are on the lighter side, more peach and coral than bright orange, but we'll see what i can find.

here's what i have in mind so far:

1.  baby mod modena crib -- i can't decide if i should get this in white or grey.  i have a feeling i'll chicken out and go with the white.  i originally wanted a different crib, but this one is almost $100 cheaper so it wins.  unless charlie wins the bed vs. crib debate or avery starts climbing out of her cir we'll be ordering this from walmart in the next few months.
2.  orange curtains -- i definitely want light orangish curtains for the room.  i have a feeling i'll be making these from fabric i have yet to find.
3.  colors and tissue poms -- the previous owners of this room left lots of hooks in the ceiling and we didn't remove them and paint the ceiling.  i'm thinking of making some of these to cover up and use those hooks.
4.  a DIY mobile -- i've seen these circle mobiles everywhere.  they look cheap and easy.  also see above about needing to use some of those hooks.
5.  ikea hemnes dresser -- we already have 2 of these dressers and i'm thinking the smaller version would work great as a changing table/dresser combo.
6.  ottoman/pouf -- this is currently in avery's room and we use it as an ottoman with the rocking chair.  i'm hoping she won't mind donating both to the nursery when the baby finally arrives.
7.  animal art -- i made a moose picture for avery's room when she was born and i'm hoping to do something similar in this room, too.

we'll see how it turns out.  these things never end up looking like i pictured in my head, but as long as we end up with a place for the baby's clothes and diapers we should be fine.  we're planning on keeping the baby with us for the first few months anyway since it was so much easier with middle of the night feedings.  although charlie did say that he wasn't looking forward to sharing a room with a baby again so we'll see how long we last before moving the kiddo into his or her own room.  who knows, maybe we'll get one that likes to sleep this time.  

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Emily said...

Looks great, I love that crib! Our house has a bunch of hooks in the ceiling, too. What is with that? I'm seriously trying to figure out what they could have possibly hung from the ceiling in multiple places in every room.