Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i think the ordinary is my favorite.






today was just a good day.  nothing special happened.  i worked.  charlie worked.  avery played and napped and read books and chased the cats around.  but sometimes it's the regular, routine days that i love the most.  avery and i played outside for a bit while charlie cooked dinner and i attempted to get some pictures of a toddler on the move.  we ate dinner together and then gave avery a bath and then read the some books before bed.  i love the days when charlie and i are both around.  it still get's a little crazy at times; being on a conference call with an awake toddler is no easy feat, but i still wouldn't trade it.  

this kid is full of personality lately.  she's funny, her vocabulary is exploding, which is so fun to watch, and she's overall a pretty happy kid.  i am loving that it's summer and we can get outside as much as possible.  and i'm also loving this time before the second baby comes where we know that we'll soon be a family of four, which is very exciting, but we're also just soaking up all of our time as a family of three.  lately, i feel like the days and the weeks are just flying by and i don't want to forget just how much i'm loving this time right now.    

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