Sunday, July 7, 2013

a few of my favorites.

i have been terrible about taking pictures with our 'good' camera lately.  but i've been trying to remember lately because the camera really does take so much better pictures.  

we bought a year pass to the aquarium a few months ago and have been trying to go once a month since then.  these were a few pictures from our june trip that we managed to squeeze in just in time.  


the otters are a favorite and we always spend a lot of time watching them do flips.



in the tunnel watching the 'mermaids'.

we've been spending a lot of time outside lately.  i love summer because our house feels about a thousand times bigger since we hang out on the deck, on the porch, in the yard and going outside always makes avery happy.  we eat all of our snacks outside and she frequently asks to go out to just walk in the grass or play with her water table.  

'bo bo' is like a little tiger outside.  avery's always amused watching him sprint around like a crazy cat although fortunately she hasn't witnessed any of his rabbit kills yet as i'm not quite sure she'd really understand that.  

that belly!


henry is always funny.  even when he knocks her over.  

sigh.  she's getting so old.  might have to frame this one.  

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