Friday, July 19, 2013

lately ...


...  i am loving summer.  i can't get enough of being outside, wearing dresses, avery running around in a diaper, the pool, and open windows.  we've had a beautiful summer so far unlike last year's which was really, really hot.  and i am so not ready for cold weather.  the summers in colorado make the winter's worthwhile, but i'm not ready to give up snacks on the front porch, playing in the grass, and hanging out on the deck for a while yet.  

fake yawn. 

...  we had a successful anatomy scan for this baby.  we didn't find out the sex, although it was harder for me this time for some reason.  with avery i absolutely did not want to find out and charlie did.  since we didn't find out i told him that he could chose what he wanted to do with this baby and he surprised me by not wanting to find out.  i do have a strong feeling that this baby's a boy.  with avery i had no feeling one way or the other and charlie was 100% certain that it was a girl.  we'll see if my intuition is right in a few months.  

...  i am really craving some bruchetta and chocolate cake.  hopefully we'll make both this weekend since my mom and sister is in town.  it's amazing how much easier it is to cook when there's people to watch avery and people to help cook.  

love summer evening and a little girl in pigtails.

...  i am on a mission to organize our house before this baby comes.  unfortunately we're at the stage right now where everything is just a hot mess.  i got a bunch of rubbermaid containers but i grossly underestimated the amount of stuff that we have and i need to go buy a few more.  i'm also trying to convince charlie to relocate his office down to the basement.  right now it's in our master retreat, but i would really like to have the floor with all the bedrooms as a quiet place for napping kiddos.  i think it would work out better for him to as he'll be far removed from baby cries and toddler screams.  



...  avery's love for the animals gets more intense every day, which is pretty cute.  i do think that ollie is still her favorite but sometimes she loves him too much and ends up with some battle wounds.  overall he's amazingly patient with her, but sometimes she gets really rough.  you would think she would have learned from the few times that he's scratched her but she hasn't, which means we have to watch her really closely with him.  they're still pretty cute together though and i think as she gets older and more gentle he'll love her even more. 

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