Tuesday, July 30, 2013

summer 2013: part 2

sick of hearing about summer, yet?  too bad.  this is what gets me through the winter and spring, knowing that long days and warm nights will eventually reappear.  
1.  long walks or short walks, these days.
2.  fires and family.
3.  dogs swimming in the reservoir.
4. strawberries for dessert.

1. the pool.
2.  ice cream.
3.  more family.
4.  friendly goats.

1.  eating next to the open windows at pasta jays.
2.  more pool. 
3.  running around in diapers. 
4.  sharing snacks outside.

1.  even more pool.
2.  eating anything outside.  bonus points if it's a donut.
3.  a dog on a lake.
4.  and yes, more pool.  

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