Thursday, July 11, 2013

things to do before baby.

avery's brother or sister is due at the end of november.  november 27th to be exact, which happens to be the day before thanksgiving.  someone actually said to me already, 'that's too bad, a thanksgiving baby'.  i really don't get what's too bad about that, but whatever.  anyway, there's a few things that i want to get done around the house before this baby comes.  some of this is in preparation for the baby, like turning an empty room into a nursery and other is just random stuff because i know it will be so much harder to get things done with two kids instead of one.  there's also a few things that i want to get.  nothing near the amount of stuff that we got before we had avery, but a few things here and there that i like to spread  out over several months to make things less painful.  so here's the current list.  i'd expect to add a few things over time and hopefully cross most of this stuff off, as well.

things to do.

1.  paint the nursery.  
we actually picked out a paint color for this room before we found out i was pregnant.  the previous color was a dark blue, which we hated and i just wanted something light and bright for the room whether it stayed a guest room or became a nursery.  charlie did all of the painting by himself, which was awesome for me.  :)
2.  sell avery's baby things that we know we won't use.  
so far i want to get rid of our old monitor, the travel swing, the baby bjorn, and some clothes.  i'm hoping to add to this when i finally pull out all the newborn stuff that's currently boxed up.   
3.  organize the closet in the nursery
this closet currently contains a bunch of bedding, bags, gift wrap, etc..  it's a mess.  i need to buy a ew rubbermaid containers for the extra bedding and then move that stuff to our storage area in the basement.  i want an empty closet that only has baby stuff!
4.  figure out the car situation.
done.  i blogged about this in our fourth of july post.  we traded in my car for an outback and then charlie and i switched cars.  i'm now reacquainting myself with stick and happy to have a car that can, just barely, fit a double stroller.  
5.  clean out the garage 
ugh.  this is such a mess.  we have a ton of crap on the sides of the garage.  we need to buy more hooks to hang things up with, reorganize the stuff we have, and get rid of the stuff that i know we don't need.  this isn't so bad that we can't fit the cars in the garage or anything, but we just need to organize a little better.  we've contemplated buying a shed, although i have a feeling we'll hold off on that for now. 
6.  paint our master bathroom
this is the last room in our house left to paint.  we're going to be painting it the same color as the nursery.  basically almost white.  and i made a deal with charlie that if he did the taping and the caulking then i would do the painting.  neither of us have worked up the motivation to get started but i really, really hope we do soon because i cannot stand the current color and ironically it's the only bathroom in the house that we use.  
7.  update our bedroom
nothing huge in here but i want to replace the art above our bed, get a new quilt that doesn't have nailpolish spilled all over it, and finally paint our nightstands because electric blue just isn't working for me.
8.  decorate the nursery.
well this is just fun.  i'm waiting to get started until after our 20 week ultrasound.  the only two big items that we have to buy are the crib and the dresser and everything else is just little stuff or will be stolen from avery's room.

things to get.

1.  either a crib for the baby or a bed for avery.
 i'm on team crib and charlie's currently on team bed.  she's sleeping really well at night right now and i just see no reason to mess with that especially because i can't see her climbing out of her crib for a long while, if ever, and her crib does convert to a toddler bed if we needed to do so.  in the long run we'll buy her a twin but i'd rather not mess with her sleep when i don't have to.  
2.  a dresser
we'll be getting the 3 drawer hemnes from ikea one of these days when i make the solo trip so i can fit it in the car.  
3.  newborn diapers
i love cloth diapers but didn't end up starting with avery until she was 3 months old because she was so tiny and i refused to buy newborn diapers.  i want to buy 2 dozen newborn GMD workhorse diapers.  i already have 6 thirsties duo size one covers that should work just fine with them.  i have a feeling this baby will be pretty small as well, which means we should be able to use the newborn size for a while. 
4.  double stroller
after almost no debate we bought the bob duallie.  we love our single bob and we had a ton of rei points to use so we took advantage of a bob sale they had in march.  
5.  monitor
this was a definite want not a need.  we got a video monitor that we can use for two kiddos at once.  i'll admit that this was more for avery's sake (now i can spy on her) than for the new baby.  
6.  fireplace for the basement
another want although i can argue that this is very practical.  our basement is freezing.  all the time.  and we now have the train table, a tv, a couch, and a few other toys for avery down there.  we talked last year about getting an electric fireplace to heat the space in the winter so that we can hang out down there.  


Emily @ imperfect said...

Because my vote matters so much, throw mine in the two cribs camp. T was in his crib until February, so we used both cribs for almost 9 months. SO worth it to not push him until he was ready. And we just bought an IKEA crib, cheap and easy. And we'll have a third, so chances are we'll need 2 cribs again anyway.

You've got a great list! Can't wait to see what you accomplish.

Abbie said...

Ha, not to be the other side of the coin, but we just made the crib-to-bed transition a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure if she was ready, and she showed us. Katie adores her big bed- it took about a week for her to transition to it (aka not roll out, but it's low to the ground so no injuries possible). She's now sleeping better than she was in her crib. Best part? She wakes up and plays instead of yelling for us. Nursery ready to go for #2 here, since we moved Katie's room.