Monday, December 2, 2013

thanksgiving, a new baby, and some family time.

so much to write.  so little time to write.  makes for one big, random post.  






... my mom was out here for 9 days.  9 days.  it was awesome.  avery had such a great time with her grandma and it was so nice to just spend some time with my mom.  she was originally coming out because i had a version and induction scheduled for the 20.  but when i went to my regular appointment on the 18th we found out that ellie was head down again and so ended up canceling both.  we scheduled an induction for the 25th (although i was really hoping that she would come on her own before that) so that my mom could take care of avery and charlie could be at the hospital with me.  we had a great time in the few days before ellie showed up just hanging out.  avery was spoiled with all of the attention and my mom was such a help to have around.  especially when we were in the hospital and after we came home.  we were all sad to see her leave.  especially avery who cried when they said goodbye and who keeps saying "grandma have to go home" and "grandma come back christmas".  thankfully grandma will be back for christmas.  and this time she's bringing grandpa and alex, too!

Day 28: thankful that this little chunk was born healthy. I'm so excited for A to have a sister to grow up with. Also very thankful we were able to spend the holiday at home. #30daysofthanks


...   ellie was a full pound and a half bigger than avery was when she was born.  i still can't really believe that and ellie still seems so big to me when now since i was used to my tiny 6 pound avery.  it makes me glad we didn't wait 2 extra weeks with her as she would have been really big if we waited that long!  although i actually think i would have gone into labor that week if i wasn't induced on monday.  this time the induction was fast and really easy.  it was pretty much everything i could have asked for from a labor and delivery standpoint.  i was induced at 8 am and she was born at 3:30 pm after less than 5 minutes of pushing.  much easier and with much less drama than avery's birth.  my midwife was great and so was the hospital staff.  we pushed pretty hard to go home 24 hours after her birth and i'm so glad we did.  sleeping in my own bed that night without nurses waking me up was amazing.  breastfeeding is going really well and i forgot how amazing and fun newborns are in those first few days before they start crying much.  :)  she was unnamed until a few hours after she was born and so all the paperwork we have from the hospital says "baby girl L".




...  we broke all the rules and decorated for christmas before thanksgiving.  i'm so glad we did because i did want to decorate this year because i knew avery would be super into it but i didn't want to be trying to recover from having a baby and attempting to juggle a newborn and a toddler and worried about putting up a christmas tree.  plus, i wanted avery to be able to really enjoy everything and not feel like it was rushed or something we had to do.  i'm so glad we did it before because it was not only something to do to distract myself before ellie was born but also avery really did enjoy it and it was nice to come home to a decorated house.  i usually get sick of christmas decorations and am ready to rip them down by the 26th because i can't stand all of the clutter but we'll see how motivated i am this year to take them down.



...  avery has been charlie's little buddy since we got home from the hospital.  she has quickly moved on from me and is all about daddy helping her do things and hanging out with charlie.  i'm so glad that she moved out of the mommy phase that she was in before ellie was born and i'm glad that she's enjoying all of her time with charlie.  i'm still really scared of the day when charlie starts to travel and i'm left to take care of the both of them all day and night by myself.





...  we crafted!  i was slightly impressed with myself for actually doing a real activity with avery instead of just playing with her toys.  not that she was neglected as grandma did lots of activities with her but i felt bad for not spending as much time with her and she's definitely been a little jealous of the time that i've had to spend taking care of ellie.  anyway, we made little snowmen.  she was really only interested in making a mess and stabbing the foam balls over and over with toothpicks but she did have a good time and now whenever she sees the snowmen she gets excited and says "snowmen so cute!".  so i guess it was a hit.  charlie even joined in on the fun and made one himself.


...  we spent thanksgiving at home, which was so, so nice.  charlie made rice balls and stuffed mushrooms and my mom made turkey breast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and caramel pie.  and i sat on the couch with ellie during most of the day and even snuck a nap in the afternoon.  very low key but i was very thankful to be home and even more thankful for all of the work that they did in the kitchen and taking care of avery.  dinner was delicious!

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