Thursday, December 26, 2013

pre-christmas 2013 and a very special birthday

it's the christmas season! which in our house is also the season of birthdays.  we celebrated charlie's and avery's birthdays last week and somehow i managed to make it through without feeling too stressed.

avery loved dinner!

charlie turned 31 on tuesday and we kept things pretty low-key.  just the way he likes them apparently.  he bought himself his gift a few weeks ago so i didn't have to stress about finding him the perfect present or even something acceptable enough that he wouldn't return.  he actually took the day off and started it off by letting me sleep in with ellie and making french toast for us & his parents who were visiting.  have i mentioned he's a good guy?  we hung out, took avery to the playground, and ate dinner at a japanese steakhouse.  we had plans to do the zoo lights after dinner but it ended up running pretty late and so instead we headed home for cake and presents before avery's bedtime.  every year he asks for a carvel cake, which makes things even easier for me.  i got him the game cards against humanity, which we played for a bit with his parents that night.  definitely not a game to play with anyone who you don't know too well!  

avery's second birthday was also pretty tame.  ellie was pretty fussy that whole day so i had to spend a lot of time just taking care of her.  we took avery to barnes and noble to play with the legos, had macaroni and cheese for dinner, FaceTimed with everyone by the end of the day, and opened a few presents.  when i asked her what kind of cake she wanted she told me chocolate with chocolate icing so that's what she got! the icing was a little stiff but overall the cake was pretty good.

and here's just some random pictures of us and the kids as of late.  i can't get over how big ellie is getting!  at her two week appointment she was just about 8 pounds but i'm guessing she's gained at least a pound or two since then based on the fact that she's outgrowing all of her clothes.  avery is slightly obsessed with her sister and is really helpful with taking care of her throughout the day.

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