Monday, August 5, 2013

a different type of job.


i quit my job today. 
i made the decision that after i have this baby in november (or december) i'll be taking some time off to 'just' be a mom. i can tell you that this was actually a pretty difficult decision and one that i still hope was the right one for me and for our family.  my current working situation is pretty sweet.  i work part-time from home and come into the office about twice a month.  however, avery's at the point where while i'm working she needs more then i can give her and i knew that when we added a baby to the mix there was no way that we could continue with our current situation.  it's actually pretty easy to work from home with a baby.  at least it was in my experience, but the baby toddler combo would not be happening.  i know there's no way that i could give each kid the care they deserve and still produce quality work.  there are also days where i have to be on the phone a lot and that's pretty much the most stressful situation ever.  i usually have the phone on mute except when i'm talking and pray that avery doesn't start screaming.  there have been plenty of times that she has, but for the most part this working situation has allowed me the time with my daughter and the ability to use my brain for things other than grocery lists and nursery decorating ideas.  it's also allowed me to use my masters degree, something that i paid a good chunk of money for and invested a lot of time and effort in.  

however, when it came down to the choice i really think that this was the right decision for us right now, which is why we made it.  for the record, charlie is looking forward to me no longer working as he thinks it will be less stressful and give us all more balance.  there are also a lot of things that i'm looking forward to as well, like being able to breastfeed a baby without pumping (which is the worst in my opinion), not having that constant stress of trying to do two things at once (although i think that this isn't nearly as bad if you aren't simultaneously working and taking care of a baby), being able to get involved in classes and groups, hopefully being able to get more house stuff done during the week so that our weekends can be spent as a family, and being able to spend my time with my kids.  

i'm a little nervous about what this means for me in the future when i decide to return to the workforce, however i'm being kept on retainer at my current company which hopefully will allow me a little bit of work here and there and keep my skills and resume current.  i also worry about getting bored.  i really do love taking care of avery and things around the home, but if i'm being honest it isn't exactly rocket science and i do like using my brain for things other than building block towers.  however, at this point i cannot imagine working full-time in an office and traveling, which is where i would be in my current career had i not made the decision to cut way back when avery was born.  me traveling simply does not work for our family because of how much charlie travels for work right now, not to mention i have no desire to travel or be away from our family for any period of time.  and right now i don't mind going into the office for a few hours a week but if i had to do it monday through friday i would hate it.  so, at the end of november we'll be starting a different chapter for our family and i'm both a little nervous and really excited about it.    

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