Saturday, August 10, 2013

cooking company.

henry is never in these pictures.  i swear we love him, but he much prefers his bed to hanging out with us.

you know how after a really rough day or week just the normal, everyday things feel like such a luxury?  we had a crazy week around here.  it was one of those weeks that i just knew was going to be hard even before it started, mostly because of charlie traveling and my work schedule being really busy that week, too.  and i was right.  it was busy and it was hard and most days i was just hoping that avery ate enough food during the day because i could barely remember what i fed her.  it was also one of those weeks that as a result of my crazy work schedule avery didn't get as much attention as she usually does and therefore wasn't exactly acting the best.  i usually try and make sure that we do at least one structured activity during the day where she gets my undivided attention.  sometimes this is just going to the park or coloring a picture, but at least something with a purpose during which there's no multitasking.  i'm pretty sure that didn't happen on monday, tuesday, or wednesday and by thursday she was just over watching me work.  i was planning on taking friday off since i had already worked a ton that week but i had enough to do that i new i was going to need to squeeze and hour or two of work in on friday.  but that morning i took her to a make-up gymnastics class and then we stopped and got donuts afterwards.  of course i was on the phone the entire time we were eating donuts, but she was actually pretty happy since we were eating outside and she was running around all over the place between bites of donuts.  friday afternoon, charlie played with her while i got some uninterrupted work time and then i cooked dinner for once without a baby hanging on me, crying to be picked up.  it was seriously the most relaxing thing.  it was beautiful out so we had our windows open, van morrison was playing, charlie and avery were playing outside, and dunkin was keeping me company in the kitchen.  i can't tell you that dinner was anything amazing, but it included meat, vegetables, and some pasta (an avery favorite) and i actually took the time to chop an onion and mince garlic, which hasn't happened in a long time.  i also took a few sips of charlie's wine, which was pretty amazing.  after dinner we played for a bit as a family.  avery's always really happy at this time of night and then i put her to bed and charlie and i made a fire and sat outside.  it was the perfect end to a week that was pretty chaotic.  and now, we get the whole weekend to enjoy as a family until the crazy of the next week starts.    

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