Wednesday, August 14, 2013

sunshine and pigtails




i love summer.  the other night after a pretty awesome day we went outside to hang out for a bit.  you know the kind where you feel like you got everything done?  i worked, went for a walk, cooked dinner (which included making a salad) and all while charlie was gone.  she likes throwing the ball to dunkin and we were just enjoying the rest of the evening before bath time.  and then charlie came home and hung out with us for a bit, which made the day even better.  i love when he's home in time to see her for a bit before she goes to bed.

she's far too busy these days to every look at the camera or really even pay attention to me unless she wants something.  but she's growing up so fast!  her hair is usually in pigtails because if it's not she can barely see.  and in these pictures she's picking the basil from the pot and eating it.  yum!  i just want to remember these days when she still sort of has some chubby cheeks and a little belly after eating a big dinner.  with all of this running around, she's slimming down pretty quickly and i miss that baby chub that she used to have.    

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