Tuesday, August 27, 2013

if you give a cat a bath ...

so today started out sort of rocky.  by 8:30 we had two wet cats shaking their paws and giving us death glares and i had a bloody nose courtesy of being punched in the nose by avery.  to be fair, she didn't actually punch me but she did hit me and i did get a bloody nose.  the cat baths actually weren't that bad.  i decided to do them right after breakfast just to get them over with and i thought that avery might like to watch, which would make life easier.  she was really into watching and 'helping' with their baths.  i did them in the kitchen sink and she stood on a chair next to me, held their tails, and kept saying 'toby bath, ollie bath'.  basically it was the highlight of her week.  and she's been asking to give them baths all day long.  

in the past month or so she's gotten into more independent play.  she'll play by herself for longer stretches of time and she's also making things up instead of just being entertained by her toys.  we have a bunch of horses, leftover from my childhood, and she'll play with them and talk to herself.  it's probably one of my favorite things to watch.  she was playing with her horses this morning and i was sort of half paying attention to her because i was trying to work at the same time.  charlie happened to be upstairs with us, too.  at one point she left and went into the kitchen and started moving some chairs around.  i didn't think much of it because she does this a lot, but charlie got up and was watching her and then told me to come over because she was trying to give the horse a bath, just like we did with the cats earlier this morning.  sure enough she had dragged a kitchen chair over to the sink, stood up on it, and was putting her horse in the sink.  she then asked for some help, "horse bath"and charlie helped her wash him and dry him.  i realize this isn't that exciting to most people but it was probably the cutest thing that happened all day long.  and she was so proud of herself for washing that horse.  i wouldn't be suprised if we find her lifting a cat into the sink one of these days.     






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