Monday, August 26, 2013

grandpa came to visit!

my dad came to visit us this weekend.  it was so good to see him and avery had so much fun with him.  as usual i didn't take nearly enough pictures.  she was pretty giving with her hugs and kisses, but most of those i'll just have to remember.  we made a short trip to breckenridge on sunday.  basically making a drive just to eat some pizza and get a drink at starbucks.  we had plans to walk down the path that runs along the blue river but the rain meant we just did some walking around town before heading home.  mostly, we dragged avery through a lot of homes and did a little bit of grilling and playing at home.  until next time, dad.  come back and visit soon. 


watching her run will never get old.  charlie and i are still so excited that this little one is walking.  

she stopped to smell the flowers and then insisted that i come and smell, too. 





climbing walls!

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